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Hatpan Tablets


Price indicated is per 10 Tabs

Lipase 71400 units +
Protease 388000 units +
Amylase 46000 units

– Pancrelipase powder or crushed tablets are mixed in the food to help with digestion.
– Cats often do not like the taste of the powder form of pancrelipase and may be more easily dosed using solid dosage forms (enteric-coated tablets or capsules made from powder or crushed tablets). Some cats will eat food mixed with one brand of veterinary powder and refuse another.
– Use only products labeled for animals as the human formulations are not as strong and may not be as effective.
– If using solid dosage forms (capsules, tablets), be certain that your animal gets water or food right after dosing to reduce the risk for esophageal damage.
– Use caution to avoid inhaling powder as it can cause lung irritation and worsen asthma. If your skin comes into contact with the powder, wash it off immediately and contact your physician.

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