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Rajcpm Syrup


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Chlorpheniramine Maleate
– Use only products that contain chlorpheniramine as a single active ingredient. Any other ingredients (eg, pain relievers, decongestants) found in human-label combination products can be toxic to animals.
– Antihistamines should be used on a regular, ongoing basis in animals that respond to them. They work better if used before exposure to an allergen (eg, pollens).
– May cause drowsiness (sleepiness); this eff ect may lessen with time.
– If using a sustained-release product, do not split or crush tablets. If using a long-acting capsule, you may empty the contents of the capsule over food, but do not allow the beads to dissolve before the pet eats the food.
– May be diff icult to give to cats because it has a bitter taste.

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