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– Give with food.
– Wear disposable chemotherapy gloves when administering tablets (particularly if crushed or split); if gloves are not used, wash hands thoroughly after handling tablets.
– Methotrexate is a chemotherapy (anticancer) drug. The drug can be hazardous to other animals and people that come in contact with it. On the day your animal gets the drug and then for a few days afterward, all bodily waste (urine, feces, litter), blood, or vomit should only be handled while wearing disposable chemotherapy gloves. Seal the waste and any items used to clean it (eg, paper towels, gloves) in a plastic bag and then place bag in another bag (double bag) before placing in with the regular trash.
– Contact your veterinarian if your pet exhibits signs of profound depression, abnormal bleeding (including bloody diarrhea), and/or bruising.

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