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NASOVET Nasal Drop


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A saline nasal drop may be used in various conditions that affect the dog:

– Respiratory infections, to decongest the nose and allow the dog to breathe normally
– Allergies, which may also manifest through a congested nose
– Sinusitis or other infections that may affect the nose and the area
– Dry nose, which can be caused by various infections or an elevated fever
– Frequent sneezing
– Cleaning of the nose
Certain dog breeds that have shorter noses (i.e. Pugs) may need a regular nasal cleaning, as they may have difficulties breathing if there is any matter stuck in the nose.

The saline solution can be administered in the form of drops, which is easier to apply in the nasal cavity.

The solution shouldn’t be administered if there are foreign objects in the nose or the dog is suspected of having a tumor.

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